She's tall, brown, and brunette,

She works w/ her hands

She sings a song sweetly

Simply because she can


There is loss that she carries

There is pain somewhere other than her eyes

There is a wrecklessness that comes

When a loved one suddenly dies

I'm so glad you're the only Jane I know


Her eye's know no color

We're all students of black and white

She carries the grace of a mother

And the dance of candle light


She stands for the first time

Ocean waves bring her in

She's one for mentos

Not for television

I'm so glad you're the only Jane I know


She sneaks joints in Tampons

Walks casually backstage

Takes pictures w/ celebrities

But carves images of her friends


She's a lover

She's a rich girl

She's an adventurer and an artist

She's given her heart searching her hardest

Maybe she'll find it in a Cracker Barrel on a book she snags on tape

Maybe in the syrup she pours on her pancakes

Hopefully she found some in the laughter of newly formed friends

I'm so glad to have met you, Jane.