I recently finished Walter Isaacson's biography on Benjamin Franklin and he spoke about the invention of the Hot Air Balloon in France.  He tells a funny little story about how in 1783 a mob from the town of Gonesse, France attacked Jacques Charles' invention (he may have been #2) of the Hot Air Balloon with pitchforks.  

At first I laughed at how crazy those people were but then I realized that they had never in their lives seen anything but birds in the sky before.  How terrifying must it have been to suddenly look up and see a giant floating orb slowly sailing over their town.  I guess I can understand their fear.

That got me thinking...

What are the 1783 hot air balloons of today that are stirring up the fear of the mob for no reason?   

What destruction are we going to do out of fear and look back and say... "Woooopsies... little bit of an over reaction there"?  


-Things I think I think


Let me know what you think...