Imagine a banquet hall filled with the most delicious food conceivable.  The catch is, the only way to eat the food is with chopsticks and the chopsticks in this hall are 3 feet long.  No matter how hard we try.  We simply cannot feed ourselves.  The decadence of the food exacerbates our hunger and the pain forces us to focus relentlessly and unsuccessfully on feeding ourselves.  

Welcome to Hell!

Now imagine the same banquet hall with the most delicious food conceivable.  This time around, we're using the 3 foot long chopsticks to feed our neighbor sitting across from us, and in return, she/he feeds us. The complete and utter satisfaction of all is unlike anything experienced.  It's no sweat for me and no sweat for my neighbor.  

This here is Heaven!

Heaven and Hell aren't created from different inherent circumstances.  Heaven and Hell are states of existence that reflect the nature of the choices we make.  If we choose to focus on feeding others, we will be fed.  If we choose to focus on feeding ourselves, we will never be satisfied.  

This isn't my wisdom.  This is from a Chinese proverb that my mentor/guitar teacher shared with me.   Check it out here:


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