So it is time to finally say good bye to my previous website.  I built her from scratch. No squarespace, no wordpress, nothing.  Nothing but Sublime Text Editor 2 and a Heroku App domain name. My time as a full-time computer programmer was brief but I learned the basics of a skill that I truly believe will be the literacy of the future.  

After building this website I have to say that Squarespace is quite amazing.  I was able to configure a website in a couple of hours that looks astronomically better than the one that took me weeks to create myself.  I have a very strong and sometimes irrational sense of "doing it for myself" and never considered using a website template.  Today I caved. I'm happy I did. Sometimes you gotta know when to outsource and allocate your time on what matters most to your business. No more tinkering in CSS when I can be writing songs or performing.